Spending the Night at Kikapu Water Park in Lagos de Moreno, Mexico. Creepy, but awesome

 Spending the Night at Kikapu Water Park in Lagos de Moreno, Mexico

Kikapu Lagos de Moreno Mexico. Awesome water park Mexico.

After spending two months in Punta de Mita, we were on our way to Potrero Chico for some climbing before leaving Mexico. On the way, we saw a water park that offered camping for $15 per night. We decided to check it out.

My brothers and I were amazed by the gigantic water slides. Unfortunately, we soon found out that the water to the slides was turned off. My mom started making dinner, which was beans, rice, cabbage, and corn tortillas.

Kikapu water park. Creepy water park in Mexico.

Meanwhile, my brothers and I played a big game of tag throughout the entire park. I ran up water slides, jumped over picnic tables, and hid in the pirate ship while my brothers tried to find me.

After dinner, it was dark and we realized we were the only people left in the park. We were locked in the park for the night! 

We went for a walk and checked out a massive green water slide that was like a deep dark cave. While my brothers were running down the slide, my dad and I walked up to scare them. Their screams echoed through the entire town.

My mom wanted us to look at the double-story pirate ship. We couldn't help but notice that there was nothing stopping a little kid from walking right out of the completely open windows.

I climbed up the mast of the pirate ship. Before we went back to our converted school bus BaseCamp for the night.

15 year old athlete does a flag.

The next morning, we swam in the thermal heated pool. It was a great way to start our day.

 My brothers, and I wanted to stay until the 10 peso (50 cents) taco stand opened. But we decided to hit the road instead. 

We had a lot of fun spending the night at Kikapu Water Park. It was a unique experience that I will always remember.


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