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Two Eye Catching MultiPitch Climbs in Potrero Chico Mexico

  Two Eye Catching MultiPitch Climbs in Potrero Chico                                     By Kai Holloway  I looked down at the Potrero Chico Valley, and across at the stunning limestone cliffs that make up the climbing paradise of Mexico. We were at the summit of Super Nova, a classic eight pitch 5.11, water fall like rock feature. I couldn’t believe we had actually made it to the Yosemite of Mexico. This January my family of five began our climbing adventure starting in Maine, and traveling south towards the Shawangunks, and Potrero Chico. Throughout our trip south in our skoolie (converted school bus that we call BaseCamp) I had been dreaming of climbing and hiking in Potrero Chico because of its unique concentration of world class multi and single pitch sport routes. It was everything I hoped for, and a few pitches more! These are my two favorite climbs in Potrero Chico. Super Nova: My favorite route we did during our time in Potrero Chico was Super Nova, an amazing eight pitch 5.1

Winning my first 5k race, a race day to remember. Challenging course.

  Winning the Elizabethtown Mother's Day 5K By Kai Holloway Sprinting for the finish line. (Photo taken by my grandmother Lovey) It was three o'clock, and my grandfather, whom we call Pop Pop, had signed up our whole family for the Mother's Day 5K race. My two little brothers, Zev (8) and Cove (12), my mom, dad, and I (15) were all going to be running. It was 2:55 p.m. We all had our bibs and race shirts on. We were gathered around a big oak tree, stretching, and my grandmother, whom we call Lovey, took a pre-race photo. Pre race family photo Soon afterward, all the runners were called over to the starting line to start the race at 3:00 p.m. The race director talked for a little while, and then said over his loudspeaker, "Now, let's take a moment of silence... for all the mothers out there." It was an interesting way to start a race. I stood there about two rows in from the start line, my heart poundin

Spending the Night at Kikapu Water Park in Lagos de Moreno, Mexico. Creepy, but awesome

  Spending the Night at Kikapu Water Park in Lagos de Moreno, Mexico After spending two months in Punta de Mita, we were on our way to Potrero Chico for some climbing before leaving Mexico. On the way, we saw a water park that offered camping for $15 per night. We decided to check it out. My brothers and I were amazed by the gigantic water slides. Unfortunately, we soon found out that the water to the slides was turned off. My mom started making dinner, which was beans, rice, cabbage, and corn tortillas. Meanwhile, my brothers and I played a big game of tag throughout the entire park. I ran up water slides, jumped over picnic tables, and hid in the pirate ship while my brothers tried to find me. After dinner, it was dark and we realized we were the only people left in the park. We were locked in the park for the night!  We went for a walk and checked out a massive green water slide that was like a deep dark cave. While my brothers were running down the slide, my dad and I walked up t

Running, biking, and swimming in Lancaster Virginia- A typical endurance training day

Running, biking, and swimming in Lancaster Virginia.  On my family’s trip back north towards Maine this spring. We had an incredible time visiting our friend Rob in Lancaster Virginia, a very rural area on the Rappahannock river.  In our three weeks in Lancaster I have had a great time going for long runs, swims across the creek, and bike rides through the farmland.  Running a Half Marathon barefoot, 11 year olds. With my Uncle. This is my typical training day routine:  Morning:  Depending on how cold it is outside I like to start my day with a run at around 7:15 am. There are a lot of nice routes to run so depending on how I’m feeling I jog a 4 mile route, 6 mile loop, or sometimes a ten mile route down to a dead end.  When I get back from running I eat breakfast. usually oatmeal, sometimes we make it savory with an egg, beans, and maybe some cheese. Or we eat it with frozen blueberries and some honey. Afternoon After breakfast I like to go for a bike ride along the low traffic roads.

My four favorite dishes I tried in our four months exploring the delicious Mexican Food culture! “Que Rico”

As I bite into the crisp tortilla of a fresh street taco, tasting the caramelized onion and juicy carne asada, I think about the delicious Mexican food culture and all the unique dishes I have had the privilege to enjoy in my time in Mexico. Eating with friend's in Punta De Mita.  Tacos Before we traveled to Mexico, I had eaten a lot of tacos. But the tacos I tried in Mexico were completely different. During my family’s four-month trip through Mexico, we went out to numerous small taco stands. From Nuevo León to Nayarit, the types of tacos vary from region to region, but this is what you are most likely to find. The taco stands usually consisted of a large hot plate where they cooked the corn tortillas with some meat juice for oil and a delicious flavor. Then they have small metal vats of different types of carne (meat) that you can choose to have on your tortilla. They usually have carne asada, chorizo, carnitas, or sometimes birria. Once they give you your tortilla and meat, they

A Surf Day to Remember at La Lancha Surf Break, in Punta De Mita México!

A Surf Day to Remember at La Lancha Surf Break, in Punta De Mita México. I set down my surfboard on the loose sand, and caught my breath after jogging two miles along the shoreline with my surfboard to get to La Lancha, a world class surf break in Punta De Mita, Mexico. I stared out at the local longboarders gliding down the line and walking the nose on some of the biggest waves I had ever seen. It was time to paddle out, and catch some monsters! Surfing La Lancha, Wednesday.  La Lancha One of the best known, and most consistent surf breaks in Nayarit, Mexico is La Launcha. The La Lancha surf break is a short bus ride away from where we are staying in the Punta De Mita Adventures Campground, but I prefer the forty minute beach walk. The walk is a lot easier at low tide, but if you're willing to rock scramble a bit doable at any time. All week my family and I had been waiting for Tuesday and Wednesday, because the swell was going to be picking up, and we would have a go at surfing s