A Kids Guide to Fun at Punta de Mita Adventures!

 A Kids Guide to Fun at Punta de Mita Adventures! 

Five things I enjoyed doing in Punta De Mita.

Punta Mita is an amazing place for all ages to have a great time. These are five things that my family enjoyed doing while staying at Punta de Mita Adventures.


Punta Mita has lots of fantastic surf breaks, and these are three of our favorites. 

Surfing at La Launcha Punta de Mita surfing.

  1. Punta de Mita Adventures Campground is located right off Stinkys Beach. But don’t let the name deter you, because Stinkys Beach is one of our favorite surf spots. The locals are super friendly, and every wave is a “party wave” (meaning multiple people drop in on the same wave). Stinkys usually has small waves, but it is an amazing spot to learn to surf.

    Surfing at Stinkys beach Punta De Mita.

  1. Anacolotes is a reef break that is known for long rides when the swell picks up. 

  1. La Lancha is a popular surf spot because it has bigger and more consistent waves. We have taken the bus to La Lancha but we prefer the 40 minute walk down the beautiful beaches. The walk is a lot easier if you go at low tide. 

Buying Fresh Produce

To get from Punta De Mita Adventures to the local fruit and veggie shop, you turn right outside the front gate, and then go left up the first street (Emiiano Zapato Street) you see going into town. At the very end of Emiliano Zapata Street you take a right. The shop is the second building on your right. My brothers and I love walking up there every day for cheap and delicious mangos and guavas! My parents get veggies, fruits, and eggs.

Buying fresh Produce in Punta de Mita. Punta de Mita Market

Watching Iguanas

Here at the campground we enjoy watching the clumsy iguanas climb through the trees, and onto the roof of the kitchen where they like to warm up in the sun. Every now and then, they will get into a fight, and one will come falling out of the trees. They aren’t very safe climbers for a creature that spends its life in the treetops. Fortunately they appear immune to a twenty foot fall!

Iguanas in Punta De Mita Nayarit Mexico.

Buying Treats on the Beach

Everyday around 5:00 o’clock a man named Alejandro walks the beach with a delicious tray of mini-pies, muffins, donuts, and cream filled rolls balanced on his head. Everybody enjoys a fresh baked pastry on the beach from Alejandro. My brothers and I think the pies are a must try!

Alejandro Treats on the beach. Stinkys beach Punta Mita Mexico.

Hiking Monkey Mountain

Monkey Mountain is a 20 minute drive north from Punta Mita. We had such a fun time hiking the mountain with a friend from Punta de Mita Adventures. Once you get up towards the top the view is jaw dropping — it’s like having a map of Punta Mita laid out in front of you. We had a great time trying to spot different locations like Stinkys Beach and La Launcha. 

Hiking Monkey Mountain in Punta Mita Nayarit Mexico.

Hiking Monkey Mountain in Punta De Mita Mexico.

The summit of Monkey Mountain, Punta De Mita Map.

Buying Meat at the Butcher Shop

Our friend Silvestro runs the local carnicería (butcher shop) and he is always extremely kind. Silvestro is always cutting up the day's steaks, or cooking up a delicious smelling vat of chicharrón on the sidewalk. On Thursdays and Saturdays he will also set up an amazing taco stand on the roadside with fresh meat tacos. We always enjoy stopping by the carnicería to buy some chorizo, and talk with Silvestro. The carnicaría is very close on the right hand side as you walk up Emiliano Zapato Street.

Punta de Mita Mexico, butcher shop. Meat shop in Punta De Mita Mexico.

Other Great Eats in Punta Mita: 

Street Tacos

Going out for street tacos is everybody’s favorite dinner out  here in Punta Mita. There are lots of small taco stands that are set up along the roadside come evening time. A couple of favorite taco spots are: Teresa’s and Norma’s. Norma’s tacos is located on Francisco Madero Street, right off Emiiano Zapato Street. Teresa’s is located at the beginning of Emiliano Zapato Street, very close to Punta De Mita Adventures. 

Street Chicken Dinner

Another amazing dinner you can get here in Punta Mita is fresh chicken cooked either spatchcock, or roasted. For 100 pesos you can buy a whole half a chicken that comes with rice, salsa, tortillas, and shredded cabbage. A couple of times after coming back from an afternoon of surfing at La launcha we ordered street chicken with friends for a quick and delicious meal here at the Punta De Mita Adventures kitchen. 

With so much to do, we have had an amazing time staying here at Punta de Mita Adventures. 

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  1. Hi again! Good intel. We are headed back to Punta Mita Adventures in a couple of weeks. Safe travels and sorry we couldn’t surf with you guys before we left. Jenn, Ellie & Phil (and Copper)! P.S. Tell Cove we’ll go back and say hi to the mini pit bull for him. :)

    1. Hi guys, thanks for celebrating Ellie’s 12th birthday with us here in Punta Mita. I hope we run into you guys soon!

  2. Hey Kai. You forgot to mention that you should hang out with a random guy named Speed to really have the most fun in Mexico.

    1. I would definitely recommend hanging with speed if you want to have an amazing time. Thanks for hanging with us at Punta De Mita Adventures!


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