Our First Day In Potrero Chico- Climbing Paradise of Mexico!

 Our First Day In Potrero Chico Mexico

My family of five woke up to the sun rising over the top of the Potrero Chico Mountains. It was our first day in the climbing mecca of Mexico, and I couldn’t wait to hike up to the mountain. I decided to take a morning jog up into the park, with mountains, and cliffs surrounding me. I had never been on such a scenic run.

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Hiking up to the Potrero Chico Mountain. For some amazing climbing!

Arriving in Potrero Chico

The day prior we had finally driven into Hidalgo, Mexico, the town that sits just outside of Potrero Chico National Park. Hidalgo is a very friendly Mexican mountain town that sits between two mountain ranges.

After a long couple days of driving. There is nothing more rewarding then the 2000 foot tall limestone cliffs of Potrero Chico. They are like nothing I had ever seen before. Potrero Chico is the Yosemite of Mexico. 

My mom and dad had been researching potential places to stay in Potrero Chico, but unfortunately all of the hostels and camping were charging per person, which would be a good deal for one person, but was a bad deal for our family of five. 

While parked outside the local OXXO (a Mexican convenience store) we ran into Edwardo, the owner of Finca El Caminante. My mom had written to him before we arrived in Potrero Chico to see if he had camping availability. Edwardo asked if we were the Holloway’s, and offered us a good deal to camp BaseCamp at Finca El Caminante.

After a breakfast of corn tortillas and eggs, we grabbed all of our climbing gear to start the fifteen minute hike from Finca El Caminante to the mountain. My mom and dad got their Potrero Chico climbing passes for a donation of 250 pesos each (~$12.50 US). 

One thing I have noticed since my family crossed the border into Mexico is the amount of buildings that look abandoned, never to be finished.

We decided to set up on the Wonder Wall to practice for the multi pitches, and harder climbs we planned to complete in our time in Potrero Chico. The Wonder Wall is a Potrero Chico favorite because of its easy access and density of amazing routes ranging from 5.7 to 5.11. 

Routes We Accomplished on our First Day in Potrero

Mr Hanky- an awesome 5.8 for Cove to practice leading.

Monkey Booty- an amazing Potrero Chico classic 5.9 with a great name.

Red Headed Step Child- a great 5.10a for the whole family.

The Great Balldini- a 5.10b to finish up a great day of climbing.

Potrero Chico is such a special place with the amount of amazing cliffs you could climb for years and never get bored. 

After an amazing first day in Potrero Chico, climbing at the Wonder Wall, we made the trek home for a delicious dinner of beans, rice, and more fresh tortillas — made fresh daily in Hidalgo. 

That night I went to bed dreaming about all the climbing routes and hikes we would do the next day in Potrero Chico.

Climbing in Potrero Chico Mexico. Wonder wall climb Ramsey.

Climbing Ramsey shanagans in Potrero Chico. Wonder wall Potrero Chico.

Climbing in Potrero Chico Mexico. Mr Hanky, monkey booty, red headed step child, monkey bizness.

Camping Places in Potrero Chico: 

Finca El Caminante- Finca El Caminante is an amazing fun, artistic hostel, with camping options, community bathrooms, an outdoor pool, Wi-Fi, and a shared kitchen. Edwardo the property owner is extremely kind, and so are the employees. BaseCamp fits right in at Finca El Caminante.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fincaelcaminante/

Website: https://www.fincaelcaminante.com/

Finca El Caminante Potrero Chico camping spots. Staying at Finca El Caminante hostel in Potrero Chico Mexico. Hidalgo Mexico camping spots. Potrero Chico places to stay
Finca El Caminante. Rooms/camping. Note BaseCamp next to the pool.

Rancho Sandero- we considered camping at Rancho Sandero because of the amazing property, and community space, including a shared kitchen, outdoor pool, and bathrooms. We were especially fans of the grass which helps keep the dust down, and the slackline they have set up on the property.

Website: https://www.ranchoelsendero.com.mx/

La Posada- a short distance from the park, la posada is a very popular camping area, and hostel offering, a pool, community kitchen, bathrooms, Wi-Fi, and a restaurant on the property.

Website: https://www.elpotrerochico.com.mx/

Thanks for reading about my family’s first day In Potrero Chico Mexico. More stories/information from Potrero Chico coming soon.


  1. you guys paid for passes? Potrero chico is free

    1. It’s more like a donation towards maintaining the amazing park!

    2. ah ok, that great. Who's the person that receives donations?

    3. The Mexican park service.


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