The description of my short story “the goat”

  I marveled at the chilling fact that I was in America and my whole family was in Mexico. a whole different country. How could a river separate two nations?.

Miguel is a Sixteen year old boy from a Rural Mountain town in Mexico. He pursues a career in Music which leads to him crossing the border illegally with his uncle Alberto. who is a coyote, he sneaks people across the border to the United States illegally.

 But unfortunately things go terribly wrong when they encounter border patrol and Miguel gets separated from his group.

 Miguel is scared he will never make it to Del Rio a border town where he plans to get his music published.

But as Miguel begins his lonely journey down Seminol canyon. he befriends a black and white goat that travels with him throughout his journey.

 Eating prickly pears, and persimmon fruit. They encounter Javelinas a pig like animal native to the Mexican American border. Miguel sleeps on top of boulders to avoid Mountain Lions, tells the goat about his family in Mexico as they cook yucca breathing the dry Texas breeze. 

The games end though when Miguel realizes that the Canyon is a trap and the desert is hostile he climbs the canyon walls but they are to high to freesolo. He may be stuck In The Texas desert with the goat for the rest of his life.

 But Slowly the canyon get shallower the limestone walls a little less menacing. Have we made it? He asks the goat are we getting close?. I felt a tinge of sadness as we started leaving the canyon that had been my home for so many sunrises.

With the goat by my side we marched up and out of the canyon. I thought about my Friends back in Mexico and what they would say if they were watching me.

Please comment down bellow if you would like me to publish the whole story on  my blog

Seminal Canyon state park. Rio Grande. Mexico U.S. border crossing illegally.


  1. This sounds great! I’d love to read the full story!


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