My Backflips from 2020 to 2022. Cliff Island Maine to Saint Pete Florida.

Check Out My new YouTube video about my backflip progress over the last two years. Learning a backflip!

I first learned to do a backflip in Eleuthera Bahamas, at the Island school. While training with our friend Bass.

I started by learning to do a back-walk-over, and then progressed into a backhand-spring. While spending the summer in Cliff Island Maine I learned a standing back-tuck, and a backflip into water. 

After leaving Maine to spend the winter of 2022 camping out of our Bus Basecamp I learned a back handspring into backflip at a fun campsite in Florida. 

Some exercises I did to improve my back-tuck are

Tuck jumps- tuck jumps are an exercise size where you jump up in the air, and bring your knees to your chest. Try doing a rep of ten, and then take a short brake. Tuck jumps improve backflip form. 

Box jumps- to do a box jump you need a box, or structure to practice jumping onto. Sometimes I use a 
Picnic table. box jumps are similar to tuck jumps, and improve backflip form.  

Knee to chest- to do this exercise you need to Lie flat on your back and bring both your knees to your chest .Try reps of 15- 30. This exercise improves your tucking ability, and helps get a faster backflip rotation.  

Backwards roll- backwards rolls are a great stretch, and simulate the experience of backflipping. They are a great warmup exercise for backflipping.

Leg raises- leg raises are a good exercise to learn a backflip, or back handspring. Leg raises helped me get a faster whip to rotate faster on backhand springs, and a cleaner backflip.

My favorite exercises To warm up for back handsprings, or a backflip.

1.Jump roping

2.Tuck jumps

3. Backwards roll

4. 1 minute hang

5. Burpees


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