How to Fish Striper Cliff Island Style!

How to Fish Striper Cliff Island Style!

How to catch striper, sea bass. Cliff Island Maine Tate Macvane.
Fishing for stripers in Cliff Island Maine with Tate Macvane 

Striped bass, also known as striper here in Maine, are common along the northeast coast. Stripers are a favorite for recreational fishing, and I know from experience they are also delicious! 

Reeling in a striper video

During my family’s summers on Cliff Island, Maine one of my favorite activities is fishing for striper with friends. These are some of the most helpful tips I have learned to catch stripers from my fishermen friends here in Maine.

Fishing for stripers. How to catch stripers. Koen Van wert
Koen Van Wert fishing for Stripers.

The largest striper I have seen was caught by my friend Koen, and was 42 inches long. So before you go striper fishing you must be prepared… 

Supplies you will need: 

  1. Bait or lures — I have caught stripers on bait and lures before. But stripers definitely prefer fresh bait. We usually use mackerel pieces as bait, because they are common on Cliff Island, but herring, squid, chad, and clams work too. If we’re not fishing with bait I choose a rapala lure with mackerel-like blue and silver colors, or a white bucktail lure. Stripers are more likely to hit a lure that moves through the water like a fish.

  2. A fishing rod and line — having a good quality, strong fishing pole, or handline like we sometimes use, A reel, and braided line is key to landing a keeper-size striper. Don’t skimp here…

  3. I would also recommend investing in a tackle box to store your fishing gear.

  4. A gaff hook will help you land a monster.

  5. A measuring tape will let you confirm your striper meets the size regulation. 

Maine fishing regulation for stripers: 

OPEN SEASON, all year long!

Catch limit, every person may take and process 1 fish per day.

SIZE LIMIT, The fish must be equal to or greater than 28 inches and less than 35 inches total length.

Size regulation for stripers striped bass in Maine. How big does a striper need to be to keep
Measuring a striper. 

Where to fish for stripers: 

I have been striper fishing on a boat, off the Cliff Island pier, and the steep bluffs on the east side of Cliff Island. The experienced fishermen always look for a ledgy area of bottom, or a spot with a steep drop off into deeper water. These are stripers' favorite spots to hangout. 

How to reel in a striper: 

When my friends and I feel the line go tight we follow these strategies to land the fish smoothly. First I always yank on the rod to set the hook so the fish won’t get off. Then, if it’s a fighter, I let it use up its energy by tugging against the drag. Once the fish is getting worn out I begin reeling it in slowly and steady.

Once you’ve landed your fish you can release it, or if it is keeping size we like to take it home and cook it up.


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