My Maine Summer on Cliff Island.

My summer On cliff Island. In cascobay.

This has been an exciting summer for my family and I. on Cliff Island staying in a cabin in the woods. As usual I have had a lot of adventures,experiences, and jobs this summer in Maine

My Mom and Dad ran the Island ACE Program this summer. Where they organize games and activities on the island.

Everybody joins in to Play Capture the flag every friday with a few island touches. We enjoy Ice cream at the Cliff island store after softball, and story hour at the Library where everybody recites a poem. There are lots of swimming options on Cliff. My friends and I love Jumping, and doing flips off the dock into the ferry wake. At high tide we usually choose to play on the tippy raft at the Cove. With the goal not to fall in the water. 

Jumping off the cliff Island dock

The tippy raft on cliff island Maine at the Cove

Cliff Island Pier the fright shed kids on cliff Island

Some of the jobs I did this summer: I completed an internship with the Cliff Island Historical Society where I take care of artifacts, teach people about the history of the island, and sell t-shirts, hoodies, and hats at the gift shop. I work shifts at the local Cliff Island store and cafe. Where I learned to make pizzas, and sandwiches in the cafe. I also help with freight and stocking. 

    People hire me on the Island, and even in Portland to work on their property. Sometimes I have friends or my brother help. But I usually work solo. Some projects I do are, building Stone walls, repairing lobster traps, painting buoys, weeding and trimming gardens, clearing trails/paths, helping cut trees, and move brush.

The cliff Island store and cafe. Pizzas at the store.

We have also been taking the ferry to Great Diamond Island. where my grandma and uncle live. On Great Diamond I spend time with family, close friends, and my grandma's dog Mochi. We play pickleball down at the tennis courts. pick apples and pears.

As the summer came to an end my family and I drove up to The white Mountains in New Hampshire. To summit Mount Washington with my 78 year old grandfather and 77 year old great Uncle. We hiked up lions head trail, and Down Boot spur. But things didn’t go as planned. Stay tuned for my post “A midnight hike on Mount Washington” coming out soon. 

Hiking Mount Washington barefoot with my family. Boot spur trail lions head trail.

When we got back from the white mountains I celebrated my 15th birthday first on Great Diamond Island. Then on Cliff by pressing apple cider from the tart Island apples we collected with friends. We made around four gallons of fresh apple cider that we split with those who helped. 

Pressing apple cider on cliff Island.

As our Maine days staying in the cabin grow colder, and darker we plan to wrap up our time before heading south. climbing, hiking, visiting family, and friends along the way.

I have been busy recently, working, hiking, and exploring but i'm going to try, and start publishing articles once a week on my blog So expect lots more content.

Some articles to look forward to are:

. How to Land a Backtuck

. A midnight hike up Mountwashington

. My new Flowfold backpack

. Managing a 50 billion dollar portfolio- an interview with a Wall Street investor.

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  1. Lovey loved reading all your latest news, Kai!!

    1. Thanks for the comment lovey and pop pop

  2. I'll be looking forward to more updates.


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