Flowfold Backpacks Review— Optimist Mini and a Flowfold Prototype

2 Flowfold Backpacks Reviewed  

Flowfold Backpack prototype Flowfold backpack product review
Flowfold Prototype Backpack

I recently received a new backpack from my favorite company, and I would like to weigh in on how it compares with my previous favorite— the Optimist Mini www.flowfold.com/optimist.

What was great about my previous Flowfold backpack? My first Flowfold backpack was an Optimist Mini and I took it everywhere with me — to the Bahamas, where it served as my school backpack, and accompanied me on my 12 mile round trip school commute by bike https://www.flowfold.com/blogs. It was a versatile adventure backpack that went camping, fishing, climbing, hiking, and biking in rugged terrain from Cliff Island to Yosemite. I also used it at my construction sites during summer projects. Sadly, after four years, my Flowfold Optimist Mini lost a tooth on the zipper. It is spending the rest of its life in the research lab at Flowfold. 

Flowfold Backpack product review Flowfold Maine cliff island Hueco tanks
Flowfold Optimist Mini in Hueco tanks

A big thanks to Flowfold, and especially Maxine for giving me a new Flowfold backpack prototype that I love equally! What’s awesome about my new backpack? Gear loops! I love the gear loops on the shoulder straps. They are perfect for clipping climbing gear to. All of the interior pockets are really handy for keeping my things organized. I especially like the computer pocket in the back. It keeps my iPad safe. The front pocket is ideal for keeping small things easy to access. My only concern about the design is the neon color on top. I’m outside in all conditions, and I think it will get stained. Because my new backpack has more room than my old one it can store more gear. These are a few things I keep in my new backpack:

1. insulated water bottle

2. pair of gloves for yard work

3. my iPad

4. climbing shoes

5. raincoat 

6. basic medical kit

Flowfold Maine Casco bay lines

Flowfold’s quality bags will be my pack of choice for all my future adventures!


  1. Great reviews, Kai! (Sorry for the outdated identity - not sure why this popped up, but oh well!😆). I can't imagine q more thorough testing environment for these backpacks than your outdoor lifestyle!hope you get some more awesome outdoor gear to test out!

  2. Thanks for the kind comment Suzette. I hope I get more outdoor gear to test out too.


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