Bahamas slang phrases. Bahamian Creol- How to talk like a Bahamian.

The Bahamas Slang phrases. Bahamian Creol how to talk like a Bahamian.

The Bahamas is an English speaking country but they have a rich dialect that can be hard to understand. But I’m going to introduce you to some slang phrases I learned during the two years I spent in Eleuthera Bahamas going to a local school middle school in the nearby town of deep creek. These are some of the basic Bahamian Creol. That people in the Bahamas use regularly.


Hadgo is used as a friendly greeting in the Bahamas. It’s slang for hello or how’s it going.

What’s the wybe:

Bahamians will Use this as a greeting. to ask what are you doing? Or what do you want to do?

Pot cake:

A pot cake is not a food. it’s a stray dog. Lots of stray dogs roam the streets of the Bahamas and they are referred to as potcakes.

Real talk:

In the Bahamas real talk means “that’s true” or your right. Bahamians also use this term to show they agree with something said.


Bahamians use the saying phrase badat when they think something is cool or, awesome.

Mudda sick:

This phrase means that’s crazy or that’s terrible. Bahamians also use this term when they think something is hilarious. Or don’t agree.

Let’s ride:

In the Bahamas “let’s ride” translates to “let’s go” or “wanna go somewhere”

Everything cool:

“Everything cool” is the typical reply to hadgo. It basically means that Everything's ok and we’ll.

You straight:

In the Bahamas the saying “you straight” means are you ok? Or are you alright?


“Bey” is often used by Bahamians. to refer to anybody male or female.

Cut a movie:

Let’s cut a movie in the Bahamas means let’s fight. Cut a movie means a fight. They cut a movie which means they had a fight.

The Bahamas dialect may be hard to understand. But now you know the slang to talk like a Bahamian. Do you plan to visit the Bahamas? If you do this article will come in handy.


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