My Best Treasure Hunting finds- metal detecting artifacts.

My brother cove and I have always dreamed of finding rare artifacts. I was captivated by tales of people finding gold doubloons and silver rings. We decided to test our luck, and see what we could find.

Metal detecting. Kai and cove treasure hunting

These are some of Our favorite metal detecting discovery’s.

How we got started treasure hunting.

We first got motivated to start searching for valuables and artifacts on Cliff Island ME. When our friend's the dyers showed us their treasure trove of metal detecting finds. So we decided to see what we could find scavenging the Island.

    My brother and I didn’t have a metal detector yet. but that didn’t stop us from digging around ancient stone walls and house foundations to find old coins and silverware. We talked to the old timers. about old stores and houses. to find good land we could search on.

These are our some our Best discoveries so Far.

  1. Probably the favorite of my collection is A 1920s era. Evans nickle silver lady’s dance purse. Complete with a coin holder for Nickels and dimes, a makeup box, and a fold up mirror. It would have been a handy compact purse for lady’s along time ago.

    Now being displayed at the cliff Island historical society.

1920s lady’s compact dance purse. Nickle silver.

Dance purse 1920s

  1. Last fall while on the island. We were all amazed when My Brother cove came home with a 925 sterling silver knot ring. 

925 silver knot ring

  3.One of our best finds this year was on great diamond Island. formerly fort McKinley. Where We were metal detecting with our friend George when we uncovered a World War One cross canon Calvary button. Which would have been worn by an officer at fort McKinley.

World War One fort McKinley Calvary button cross canon.

  1. One of my first finds was a hoard of antique silverware. Near an old house foundation in the woods. Mostly R&B silver, and community silver plate.

Vintage silverware

  1. After finding all the old silver I decided to go back to metal detect for some more stuff, and I found a spiedel stretch gold filled watch band. That would have gone with a fancy watch in the 1930’s.

Speidel stretch watch band

  1. My brother found a 1918 wheat penny by accident when we were helping our friend dig down to locate a septic tank. The penny isn’t in good condition but still an exiting find.

    We are always curious to see what we can find metal detecting, and hunting for treasure. I hope there will be lots more discovery’s that I will write about in the future.

    By Kai Stanton Holloway


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