Cliff Island Maine.

My adventures on Cliff Island.

Cliff island Me. My adventures on cliff island.

Cliff island is a small island in Casco Bay off the coast of Maine. You can get to Cliff Island by taking an hour-long ferry ride from Portland, Me.


Cliff island Maine. Casco bay lines. Casco bay ferry

Cliff island is the farthest island the casco bay lines makes a stop at. The ferry ties up at the dock and the deckhand shouts “lines on” as the ferry docks.

My family lived year round on cliff island and stayed through the cold dark winters for nine years. My parents were teachers at the Cliff Island school. A one room school house that has been in operation since the 1880s. I attended the cliff island school until second grade. The school teaches a handful of kindergarten to fifth grade students. In the time my parents taught there were never more than six or seven students of all ages. 

During the long winters we spent on the island there was no activity I enjoyed more than sledding. My family and friends loved meeting up at Ed’s hill to sled whenever there was snow. We also loved collecting the island's numerous apples in the fall. My family made apple cider, and applesauce, But we mostly just ate them straight from the tree.

Ever since my family of five has moved off cliff Island to find warmer weather we continue to return to Maine every summer. We come back to the island every year to spend another fun summer in an off the grid log cabin. From the cabin we stay in we have a beautiful view of jewel island from the porch. We love spending time in the cabin. But it’s not for everyone; we have no electricity or running water. Everyday we bike a long trail through the woods to get home from the town square.

During summers on the Island we enjoy biking with friends, jumping off the dock into the ferry wake, making clay pottery at the cove, and participating in ACE activities that my parents help run. Anyone on the island is welcome to participate in the games. My favorite activities are, capture the flag, softball, and World Cup soccer. We also play games such as, ultimate frisbee, and kick ball.

Everyone on the island loves the Cliff Island store and cafe. People on Cliff island enjoy buying their grocery’s and meals at the cafe. All the island people, and visitors love the cliff island ice cream!

Macvane tray cliff island store and cafe.

I have so many amazing memories of cliff island from the cliff island school, and ACE activities with friends.

By Kai Stanton Holloway


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