A new way to Play capture the flag

How we play Capture the flag- cliff island style

My friends and I consider capture the flag to be our favorite game to play in the summers. We usually organize a game of capture the flag every Friday. But over the years we have made a few variations to make the game more fun, and exiting.

  Variation 1

Everyone hates getting tagged on the other team's side and rotting in jail for the rest of the game. So the first change we made was to get rid of the jail. So instead of going to jail. you are frozen where you were tagged until a teammate tags you to free you.

        Not having a jail helps keep the game more fast paced, and makes it harder to puppy guard everyone.(puppy guarding is when multiple people guard someone very closely)

Variation 2

Another variation we made was using a hula hoop as a safe zone. We use the hoop to create a ring to put the flag in. where you are safe from being tagged. Having a safe zone around the flag helps let the players catch their breath, and wait for a strategic time to make a run for it.

    Variation 3

I hate getting puppy guarded in the flag circle and not being able to make a run with the flag. So we made a solution. If somebody is puppy guarding, and from in the circle you are able to tag them. They must pause and sing their abc’s inside the flag circle giving you time to steal the flag. It’s a simple solution to puppy guarding the flag hoop.

Variation 4

When we’re playing with a lot of people we like to use more than one flag. Usually each team starts with four flags and two flag circles. with two flags in each. It makes it harder to guard the flags, and makes the game more exciting. Having multiple flags lets more people get a chance to capture the flag, and be a hero.

Variation 5

We used to always have trouble remembering who was on our team and who wasn’t. So we made a solution. Now we use bandanas to tell who’s on our team. One team where’s black bandanas, and the other team where’s orange bandanas.

We play capture the flag a bit differently on Cliff Island. But you can play like we do! Capture the flag is popular everywhere. All you need to organize a game of capture the flag is a grassy field. like we play on, Or a beach or other open space. Even a basketball court works. You also need a border line. We like to use a long tug of war rope but we’ve used all sorts of things. Once everyone knows the rules your ready to play.


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