National parks you don’t want to miss

My family’s favorite National Parks.
The best National parks. National parks my family loves. Camping at National parks.

my family’s trips out west we love camping and climbing at National parks. But which are our favorite parks?

Mount Washington hike

     The first one is a no brainer we can never visit Texas without making the Trip out to big bend. big bend National park is located right next to the rio grande wich is the river that separates Mexico and the United States. My favorite things to do at big bend National park are soak in the hot springs, and cross the border into the nice Mexican town of boquillas. In boquillas my brothers and I have a great time renting Burros (donkeys) to ride into town. If you want to visit Mexico this is the best place to do it.

     Yellowstone National park is unforgettable I love watching the amazing geysers that shoot boiling water high into the air. My brothers were amazed to see a herd of bison cross the street right in front of our car, and coyotes running through the woods. Yellowstone National park has the most amazing wildlife.

      The Everglades National park in Florida is the best place to see alligators and pythons. We sailed through the Everglades on our sailboat and never had a bad moment (well except when the mosquitos attacked!) The park rangers showed us a six foot long python skin they had found. It was amazing.

     There are so many amazing National and state parks I wish I could visit them all. On my family’s trips out west we love camping and climbing at Nalligators an


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