Carbon corals and conservation

 Every time I see the smoke rising from the local dump when I'm biking home from school I wonder about the vibrant colors of fan coral and what carbon emissions have in store for them.

Here at deep creek middle school in south eleuthera i believe that we need to conserve our corals that are under the threat of carbon emissions that raise the ocean acidity levels which prevent the buildup of calcium carbonate that corals use to build their skeletons.

We need these corals because corals protect coastlines from storms and erosion.

Corals also provide necessary protection for many species of caribbean sea life.

 the ocean would soon become unbalanced because our coral reefs provide a habitat for sea creatures.

The only way to protect our corals is to limit our carbon footprint. You can do that by not using single use plastic and biking to your destinations.

So in conclusion we need you to do your part in conserving or indispensable corals.

Eleuthera Bahamas Corals

Written during my time in Eleuthera Bahamas attending Deep Creek Middle School.


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