A classic shawangunks Trad climb: Son of easy O

 Climbing a Shawangunks classic: son of easy o

Climbing son of Ezio Trad route in the Shawangunks. A classic shawngunks two pitch Trad climb
Last week I went Trad climbing in the Gunks for my first time, with family, and friends. 

         My dad and his friend Eric spent a lot of time doing multi pitch routes in Shawangunks. So they had a couple of classics to show me.
               We had a great time doing Two pitch Trad climbs on the Trap wall. We had done a couple of climbs, and warmed up on frogs head. when Eric wanted to lead a two pitch climb  5:8 called, Son of Easy o. It was an amazing route. We all had an amazing time getting past the finger crack in the beginning, and working our way up to the second pitch where there was a super fun overhanging roof to get over.
A famous gunks climb Son of Ezio. Climbing in the gunksThe crux,
was probably the very start of the 5:8 where there was a vertical finger crack. But getting over the overhanging roof was very difficult my forearms started to burn as I tried to get past the overhang to the easy finish.  You have to get past the overhang quickly otherwise you will become to tired to continue climbing.   


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