Make outside exercise your lifestyle

Quit your gym membership today, and make your daily life a workout. These are a few fun ways to get exercise on your way to school or work.

When I lived in Bahamas for two years, every morning I made the twelve mile roundtrip commute to school and back. So when finding a ride to school became tough I started biking the trip to school everyday. At first it was hard I was always sore from pedaling so many miles. But as I got more used to biking every day I began to really appreciate the vital exercise I was getting every morning on the way to school. I also noticed after I had been biking the rout every day for a few months it started getting easier for me. The trip used to take me half an hour when I was just starting out. but as time wore on I could bike to school in twenty minutes. 

Biking to school in Eleuthera Bahamas deep creek middle school

I realized that I no longer wanted to drive to school. I had a great routine. I would wake up at six thirty Am. my mom would make me breakfast, and then I would pack lunch. At about seven o'clock I would grab my bike from the bike rack and start biking the six miles to school. Sometimes my dad would bike with me. But usually I rode alone. I arrived at school at seven thirty to give me time to talk to my friends before school started. 

When I was done with school for the day at four o’clock I hit the rode back home. The street I rode my bike on to get to school was called queens highway. but there was never much traffic on queens highway sometimes I could bike the whole way to school without seeing a car. 

I always enjoyed biking home in the afternoon because I had time to stop a Joseph’s farm. Joseph was my friend from Haiti who always appreciated it  when I stoped to help at the farm on my way home. In exchange for helping at the farm Joseph always gave me some tomato’s or corn as a healthy after school snack. 

When I got home from my bike ride I felt great. Because the bike ride gave me exercise I could get from driving to school. And that’s why I think that you should start biking or walking your commute from work or school. Because biking is a great way to get exercise and time outdoors. I also find biking really fun. Biking is a great Way to stay healthy and active plus get to work or school.



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