Climbing is great for you

 I have always loved rock climbing it’s one of my favorite sports. I love climbing on our family trips out west. My favorite spot for bouldering is Hueco Tanks. My favorite place for top roping is the warming wall in mammoth lakes.

Because rock climbing is such a great sport. I decided to look into a few of the health benefits.

Climbing strengthens your hands forearms biceps abs and lower back. It’s a full body workout.

Another benefit of climbing is it improves your balance. Rock climbing strengthens your core which is necessary to have great balance.

It improves your flexibility reaching for holds stretches your muscles which makes your muscles more lean and flexible.

Climbing can help your coordination. rock climbing can help you develop better hand eye coordination while improving your spacial awareness. 

There are many benefits to rock climbing. But if you aren’t in shape yet you shouldn’t start climbing everyday which can cause torn muscles or tendinitis. If your a beginner I would recommend climbing four or less times a week. 

After I’m done climbing for the day I stretch my forearms my back and shoulders. That way I will be less sore tomorrow.



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