Books I read on our bus trip


Reading is my favorite thing to do when we are driving our bus on straight roads. I sit in my seat in Our bus base camp, and read about all the the things my favorite book characters are doing. 

My favorite book to listen to before bed is definitely Efren divided. Efren divided is a book about a boy who’s parents came over the border illegally from Mexico. Times get tough for Efren and his family when border patrol raids the factory where his mother works, and Efren finds out his mother has been deported. My brothers favorite character is Efrens father who is forced to work day and night to raise enough money to hire a coyote to bring Efrens mother back to the United States. Will Efren ever see his Mother again? I would definitely recommend finding out .

I Love listening to King and the dragonfly’s with my brothers. This award winning novel is about a twelve year old boy who’s life has fallen apart ever since his brother died. King has been plagued with nightmares every night since his brothers death. His family is forced into chaos when his father finds out king has been helping the The constables son hide out in the woods. But the story gets a lot more complicated when they find out that the constable has been hurting his children. Will king be able to prove that the constable isn’t innocent?

When stars are scattered is a true story about a boy who has been living at a refuge camp for eight years. Omar and his little brother Hassan were forced to flea there home country of Somalia when there village was attacked. Omar and Hassan were separated from there parents in Somalia but joined a group of other refuges to make the long trek to a refuge camp in Kenya. At the refugee camp a nice lady called petunia took them in. Every day Omar hopes he can get on the list to go to America but time wearers on and he is still stuck with Hassan in the refugee camp. Will Omar and Hassan ever be able to leave the refugee camp and go to America.

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