a day in the life of quarantining at the island -school Bahamas

I woke up this morning and layed in my bed until I heard my mom coming into the kitchen to get ready to do farm chores.
   For the morning farm chores I help my mom water plants and then I went to go  feed the chickens and the pig which we call BossHogg while my brother feeds the ELC chickens then when we finish chores we come back to the house to have breakfast, which today was pancakes then me and my brothers ran down to the beach to have a swim before online school.
    For online school my brothers zoomed to work on a scientific method experiment while I looked at my digital planner to see what work I had to do.
 After we'd finished all we had to do for online school we went up to aquaponics to help out.
    First we put on our masked and gloves and got ready to harvest, after we were done we'd filled five whole bags of lettuce.
   Next we took all the scraps and put them in a bucket to feed to the land crabs.
   Then we took all the pots and shook the dirt out of them into the pile, and then we put the pots in the bin and take the boards the cups sit on to wash, and then we put them back and we went home for lunch.
     For lunch we had salad and pesto we made.
   After lunch we worked a little more at our online school work before going to the farm to pick fruit.
   Then we went to the research place because our friend Gloria had offered had offered to show use some of the research she was doing on corals.
    After learning about corals we went and swam in triangle cut until dinner.

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  1. Thanks for the description of your day, Kai. It gives Lovey and me a much better picture about your island life. Sure sounds like you are busy and are taking good care of the animals. Wish I could have had the lesson about the coral. I liked snorkeling and looking at coral with your Dad in Maui but I could certainly learn a lot more about how coral is formed.

    Lovey and I are staying in the house a lot because of the COVID-19 coronavirus. 1,000 people have caught the disease in our state of South Carolina and the mayor of our town has asked everyone to stay home except for going to the grocery store or the pharmacy for medications. We have been taking long walks with Lucy around the neighborhood but stay away from people. Lucy is behaving better during these walks. She used to want to stop every few feet to sniff stuff on the ground so that it took a long time for us to get anywhere. Now she has the idea that we want to walk, not just stand around, and cooperates. Afterwards she takes a long nap. Sometimes we do too.
    Really good to hear from you and you write quite well. Pop Pop

  2. Wondering if anyone is playing April Fool's Day jokes there today.

    Thanks for telling us about your days. We love hearing from you. X0 Lovey


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